HC Deb 25 May 1870 vol 201 cc1364-5

SELECT COMMITTEE—Steam Boiler Explosions, Lord John Hay, Mr. Laird, Mr. Pim, and Mr. Hermon added.

Report—Houses of Parliament (New Refreshment Rooms). [No. 257.]

PUBLIC BILLS—Ordered—Local Government Supplemental*.

OrderedFirst Reading—Joint Stock Companies' Arrangement* [143]; Telegraph Acts Extension* [142].

First Reading—Post Office* [144].

Second Reading—Clerical Disabilities [49]; Game Laws Abolition [Mr. Taylor] [73], debate adjourned; Admiralty District Registrars* [111].

Considered as amended—Benefices* [141].

Withdrawn—Adulteration of Food or Drink Act (1860) Amendment* [44].