HC Deb 21 March 1870 vol 200 c322

said, he wished to ask the Chief Commissioner of Works, Whether he intends to make provision in the Estimates for completing the decoration of the Central Hall; and, if not, his reasons for not so doing?


said, he wished to ask, When it is intended to cause sufficient light to be thrown upon the mosaics in the Central Hall, to enable Members of Parliament and the public to appreciate the design and execution of the work; what has been the total cost; and, whether it is intended to place similar mosaics in the three remaining compartments of the Hall in similar obscurity?


, in reply to the first Question, said, that until the Estimates were laid on the table, it was not usual to ask what was contained in them. When they were laid on the table he should be glad to give any explanation of them which might be required. With respect to the decoration of the Central Hall, that would be dealt with in the Estimates. To have new lights there would necessarily involve the construction of new windows, which must result in increased expenditure.