HC Deb 18 March 1870 vol 200 cc208-9

said, he wished to ask the Chief Commissioner of Works, Whether it is his intention to enclose the whole of the Regent's Park with a railing similar to that recently erected on the south-east corner of it; or whether he does not think that a less lofty and ponderous structure, which would not exclude the view of the park from the people passing on the exterior of the railing, would not be preferable?


said, in reply, that part of the railing referred to by the hon. Member was erected under a contract entered into by his predecessor in Office; but those who frequented the park and its neighbourhood seemed to prefer a view of the park from the outside to a sight of these railings; in- deed, they were so simple in their taste that they would rather have the present wooden railing remain than that which the hon. Member, in his appreciation of art, called "a lofty and ponderous structure." Under these circumstances, he thought it right to reconsider the question, and trusted he would he able to keep the park enclosed with a due regard to decency and order, without giving annoyance to the inhabitants by the sight of such a lofty structure as that projected.