HC Deb 13 June 1870 vol 201 c1946

said, he would beg to ask the Prime Minister, Whether he intends to proceed with the Committee on the Elementary Education Bill day by day—that is, during four days a week—and to commence Morning Sittings?


Sir, I am very glad to interpret the Question of the noble Lord as a guarantee on the part of those who sit beside him that they think the time has now arrived for holding Morning Sittings. I am very much disposed to agree with the noble Lord that, considering the great importance of the Elementary Education Bill, and the desirableness of expediting its passing, the time has now arrived when we may ask the House, from Friday next, to have Morning Sittings, especially for the purpose of prosecuting that Bill. It is our intention to go on with the Bill without interruption as a general rule; I cannot say absolutely without any interruption, but it will be proceeded with, so far as we can, with rare interruptions