HC Deb 18 July 1870 vol 203 cc463-4

Bill considered in Committee.

(In the Committee).

Clause 7 (Penalty for using or carrying gun without licence).


said, with a view to prevent any check being placed on the rifle practice by Volunteers, he would propose as an Amendment in page 2, line 29, after the word "duty," to insert, "or when engaged in target practice."


said, he would propose, on behalf of the Government, that the Committee should allow the Bill to pass through Committee as it stood at present, after accepting the Amendment of the hon. and learned Member for Southampton (Mr. Russell Gurney), and then on the Report to take the Amendments placed on the Paper in the most convenient order. If the Amendment of the hon. Member for West Essex (Sir Henry Selwin-Ibbetson) were carried, he should propose that the servants of an occupier of land having a licence should be exempt from the licence duty. If the Committee allowed the Bill to pass through Committee that night he would be prepared to bring up certain Amendments on the Report.


said, the statement of the right hon. Gentleman was very satisfactory. He would suggest that the Bill should be amended on the Report, by authorizing the owner of land, or the watcher employed by him, to demand the production of the licence.


said, he wished to point out the difficulty of discussing Amendments which were not in print. As far as he could see, the Amendments indicated by the right hon. Gentleman (Mr. Stansfeld) would meet the approval of the majority of the House.

Amendment agreed to.

Clause agreed to.

Remaining clauses agreed to.

House resumed.

Bill reported; as amended, to be considered upon Thursday.