HC Deb 24 February 1870 vol 199 cc765-6

said, he wished to ask the Vice President of the Council, Whether, in pursuance of the intimation to that effect which he gave him in the course of last Session, he will make provision in the Bill on Elementary Education, with a view to prevent schoolmasters of parochial or endowed parochial schools from holding or exercising appointments or employments calculated to interfere with efficient execution of their duties as schoolmasters of the said schools?


, said, in reply, that he could not recollect having given the hon. Baronet the intimation to which he referred, and had tried to refresh his memory by looking into Hansard, but could not find any mention of it. With regard to the Question itself, he did not think the Government would be prepared to bring in a general provision of the nature suggested. The masters of endowed schools would be dealt with by the Commissioners acting under the Endowed Schools Act of last year, and the case of the masters of parochial schools would be left to those who paid them. If, however, the hon. Baronet would bring the matter forward when the Education Bill was in Committee it would receive his best attention.