HC Deb 29 April 1870 vol 200 cc2060-1

Sir, I rise for the purpose of inquiring into the correctness of the report, which has been circulated very freely through the House to-day, that the junior Member for East Surrey, Mr. Buxton, has been fired at at his own house to-day, by a person who arrived in a Hansom cab, and after firing the shot, which fortunately did not take effect, departed, after giving his name as White, and stating his residence. One report says that the man is one of the tenants of an estate purchased by Mr. Buxton in Ireland, and that having been evicted he has now committed this act upon his return from America. Another account says that the person who shot at Mr. Buxton was his private secretary. Under these circumstances I wish to ask the Home Secretary, Whether he can give the House any information on the subject?


Sir, the facts of the case, as I have been informed by Colonel Henderson, are these—The person who shot at Mr. Buxton—for he was shot at—is not an Irish evicted tenant, but an English shorthand-writer in Mr. Buxton's employ, whom he had just dismissed for impertinence and inattention to his duties. Mr. Buxton was engaged in writing, when he suddenly heard a shot fired. Turning round, he saw the person referred to standing at the door with a revolver in his hand and still smoking from the fire. The person immediately left the room and jumped into a cab. Mr. Buxton gave information to the police, and they are now in pursuit of the man.