HC Deb 01 April 1870 vol 200 c1049

said, he would beg, to ask the First Lord of the Admiralty, If any Reports had been received from Her Majesty's Ship "Megæra" on the subject of the coal supplied to her at Sheerness last autumn; and, if so, if he will lay them upon the Table of the House?


In reply, Sir, to my hon. and gallant Friend, I have to say that a Report was recently received that some Welsh coal in Her Majesty's ship Megæra became heated, but not to a dangerous extent, on the 30th of last December, when the ship was near the Equator; the North country coal in the same ship not having become heated. The Commodore inquired into the circumstances and stated that there had been no danger, but that the use of the particular coal would be considered. We have ordered further inquiry. I do not propose to lay this particular Report on the Table by itself; but I do intend to lay on the Table Returns from the Fleet on the subject of coal, showing the results of our experience as to Welsh and North country coal recently purchased, and this case will be included.