HC Deb 08 March 1869 vol 194 c838

said, he would beg to ask the President of the Board of Trade, Whether, in answering a Question on Monday last with reference to the employment of Her Majesty's ship "Buzzard" on behalf of the Herne Bay; Oyster Company, he intended to state that the ship was sent on the report of one of the Inspectors of Fisheries, made by him officially as an inspector; whether he is aware that the Herne Bay Company is by their Act placed under the supervision of the Inspectors of Fisheries under the Salmon Fishery Act, 1861," of which body Mr. Pennell is not a member; whether he is aware that Mr. Pennell was one of the promoters and original shareholders in the Company; and, whether he will produce copies of all the Reports or Letters, whether of inspectors or other persons, in consequence of which the Board of Trade recommended the ship to be sent?


The Report to the Board of Trade, which decided the action of the Board of Trade and of the Board of Admiralty, was, I believe, made by Mr. Pennell in his official capacity. The lion. Gentleman supposes that these matters are under the Salmon Fisheries Act of 1861; the fact is, that in certain specified events, the Salmon Fishery Inspectors are to make inquiry if the company's ground has been properly cultivated. The hon. Gentleman asks whether I am aware that Mr. Pennell was one of the promoters and original shareholders in the Herne Bay Company? I am not aware that Mr. Pennell is a shareholder of that company, but I believe he had some connection with it in its origin, but before he became inspector he had ceased to have a connection with the company. The only official Paper is the Report of Mr. Pennell. Probably the hon. Gentleman will be satisfied with seeing the Report at the Board of Trade; if so, if he will call he may see it. If after that he sees any public ground for having it printed, I have no objection; but I think he will perceive that my answer meets all the points requiring reply in his Question.