HC Deb 02 March 1869 vol 194 c488

inquired of the Under Secretary for India, "What truth there might be in a very alarming rumour to the effect that the garrison of Kohat had been surprised by a party of Oorukzais, and that the British had sustained a loss of 300 men?


thanked his hon. Friend for having given him an opportunity of immediately contradicting a rumour which must have caused such terrible anxiety that day in so many English homes. The real state of affairs would be best shown by his reading a telegram from the Viceroy, dated Calcutta, Feb. 27. It was as follows:— On the 13th inst. party of Oorukzais surprised police post near Kohat when police were asleep. Three men taken away. One killed. Lieut.-Governor has authorized Colonel Keyes to make a day's march from Kohat into the pass for the purpose of punishment. A later telegram said that Colonel Keyes's expedition had been a success.