HC Deb 02 March 1869 vol 194 c534

, who had given notice that he would call attention to this subject, said, he did not propose at that late hour to trouble the House then with further discussion on the question embraced in his Notice, it had already been so fully discussed on a former night and almost incidentally that evening by the debate on the Scotch Poor Law. He reserved to himself the right, however, of bringing forward the subject again, and he should do so, partly because the promise of the Prime Minister had not been sufficiently definite as to time, and partly because he thought that as the Government had acceded to the appointment of a Committee for Scotland, they could hardly refuse a similar inquiry, or immediate legislation as regards England. He should bring the matter forward again shortly after Easter, and meanwhile he wished to impress upon the Government the fact that the feeling was as strong in this country as it was in Scotland, that some alteration in the present working of the Poor Law was urgently required.