HC Deb 25 June 1869 vol 197 cc571-2

said, he wished to ask the Secretary to the Treasury, Why the Board of Works have not, in their Report on the Fisheries of Ireland dated 18th May last, complied with the 112th section of the Act 5 and 6 Vic, c. 106, which directs that they should make a Report of the receipt and expenditure of any sums of money which they should receive or expend under the provisions of that Act; and, why the Return ordered by the House on the 14th day of June, of the sums expended by the Board of Works on Fishery Service since 1st January, 1864, has not yet been furnished?


said, in reply, it appeared not to have been the practice for the Commissioners to publish the account which the hon. Member desired to see, but why they had not done so he (Mr. Ayrton) had not had time to ascertain. He presumed that they had not thought it necessary to make out a separate account for that purpose. The accounts, however, had been under preparation for some time; but as they were not kept so as to bring out the exact thing required by the hon. Member, it had been necessary to inquire into the matter and prepare the statement. He hoped that it would be ready in a few days.