HC Deb 14 June 1869 vol 196 c1741

said, he wished to ask the Secretary of the Board of Trade, Whether his attention has been directed to the inconvenience occasioned to the trade of the Port of Exeter by the proceedings of the Dock authorities at Exmouth; whether the Government will introduce a Measure for the purpose of remedying the same; and, whether he will lay upon the Table any Correspondence which has taken place on the subject?


Sir, the attention of the Board of Trade has been called to the charges levied by the Exmouth Dock Company upon vessels passing up to Exeter under a Private Act of last Session, the effect of which was not, perhaps, clearly understood when it passed. On the other hand, the Exmouth people complain of a similar charge levied by the Exeter Corporation under an ancient charter upon all goods landed at Exmouth. Under these circumstances, the Board of Trade is of opinion that the subject is a very proper one for an arrangement between the two parties, and will be glad to aid in any arrangement which will have the effect of freeing the trade of both places from charges of this nature. It will not, however, be possible, consistently with the Standing Orders, to introduce any Bill this year. When the correspondence is closed I shall have no objection to the right hon. Member moving for it.

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