HC Deb 04 June 1869 vol 196 c1243

said, he wished to ask the President of the Board of Trade, Whether he has any objection to make a Return of all Railways on which there have been provided, in compliance with "The Regulation of Railways Act. 1868." means of Communication between the Passengers and the Servants of the Company in charge of the Trains, stating what is the nature and description of such respective means of Communication, and what are the facilities for using the same in cases of emergency; and, Copy of any Reports of the Inspecting Officers in relation thereto not already laid before the House?


said, in reply, that it was intended that the various railways should have applied the means agreed upon to their rolling stock by the 1st of April; but representations were made to the Board of Trade that that could not be done, and the time has therefore been extended till the 1st, of July. It was, therefore, impossible before that time to give the hon. Gentleman the particulars for which he asked, but he knew no reason why they should not be given after that time. A Report was presented to the House from Colonel Yolland only last year, and since that time there had been nothing of importance which it would be necessary or desirable to place before the House. There-were some few memorandums, which probably would add nothing to the informal ion already laid before them; but if the hon. Gentleman would like to see anything there was at the Board of Trade bearing on this Question, the Papers would be quite open to him. After the 1st of July, he hoped that they would be able to give the particulars of the various plans agreed upon.