HC Deb 15 July 1869 vol 197 c1890

said, he rose to give notice that he would tomorrow ask the First Lord of the Treasury, Whether the correspondence which has appeared in the papers, purporting to be between the right hon. Gentleman's secretary and a so-called Independent Orange Association of Ireland, was genuine; if so, to ask him whether he could state when this Association was formed, what principles it professed to uphold, when its meetings were held, and whether its chief officers had any connection with Ireland?


Sir, I will save the hon. Member the trouble of asking this Question to-morrow. I received a letter from an association under the title of the Independent Orange Association of Ulster, and caused an answer to be sent to that association, as it is my business and duty every day to cause scores of answers to be sent to persons with whom I have never had any other relation. Therefore, I cannot gratify the curiosity or desire for information of the hon. Gentleman with respect to the association, but with respect to the sentiments contained in the answer, I am fully and exclusively responsible for them.