HC Deb 08 July 1869 vol 197 c1421

said, he would beg to ask the Secretary of State for War, Whether any, and what, steps are being taken for the more speedy relief of Regiments at present serving in India, which proceeded thither for the suppression of the Mutiny in 1857, and have not returned home since?


replied, that in consequence of the large number of regiments sent out to India during the Mutiny in 1857 and 1858, it was found impossible, as only five regiments could be relieved per annum, to bring home all the regiments. But in selecting the order in which the regiments should return home, his Royal Highness the Commander-in-Chief had shown the greatest consideration to them. By continuing the relief at the rate of five regiments per annum, all the regiments which went out in 1857, with the exception of two, would be relieved by the end of 1871, and by the end of the following year all the regiments which went out in 1856 would be relieved. If, however, more than five regiments were relieved every year, a hardship would be inflicted upon regiments serving upon other foreign stations. In conclusion, he must remind his hon. Friend that, although the battalions had remained in India during this long period, there were very few officers or men left there who went out in 1857.