HC Deb 05 July 1869 vol 197 cc1169-70

said, he would beg to ask the First Lord of the Treasury, Whether the Government have come to any determination with regard to the necessity of legislation on the subject of Ecclesiastical Titles in the United Kingdom; and, if so, when such legislation will be probably proposed?


said, in reply, that there were two questions involved in the inquiry of the hon. Member. In the first place, the sentiments of the Go- vernment were well known to be favourable to the Ecclesiastical Titles Bill introduced by the hon. Member, as matters stood under the present law, although there might be some difference of opinion upon the subject. In the second place, in the event of the Irish Church Bill, now under the consideration of the other House of Parliament, becoming law, the necessity for legislation upon the subject would be acknowledged most freely by those who were now indisposed to such a course. Putting these two things together, he had no hesitation in saying that the necessity for legislation on the subject in the event of the passing of the Irish Church Bill would be imperative, and could not be postponed longer than the next Session of Parliament.