HC Deb 04 August 1869 vol 198 c1253

said, he wished to ask the Lord Advocate, Whether, seeing that the Poor Law Amendment (Scotland) Bill has been withdrawn, he intends to re-introduce it next Session, or to deal with the subject in any other shape; and, whether he has any objection to state why the 33111 was not proceeded with?

THE LORD ADVOCATE, in reply, said, the Bill had not been proceeded with for this reason. It related, as the title indicated, mainly or entirely to the Poor Law, and its object was to put the assessment on the gross rental. It was sent to a Select Committee, but it was found absolutely necessary to deal not only with the Act regulating the Poor Law, but also with the Valuation Act in regard to the ascertainment of the gross rental, and the effect which parts of the Valuation Act had on the valuation of railways and other similar works. The Select Committee had authorized him to apply to the House for an Instruction to enable them to deal with the whole question; but that Instruction was obstructed and opposed in various quarters; and as the President of the Poor Law Board intended, during the Recess, to consider the whole question, he had been induced to withdraw the Bill. It was his intention to deal with the whole question next Session, and the principle of the Bill would be carried out.