HC Deb 18 May 1868 vol 192 c422

NEW WRIT ISSUED—For Worcester County (Eastern Division), v. Hon. Frederick Henry William Gough Calthorpe, now Baron Calthorpe.

SELECT COMMITTEE—Report—On Shannon River. (No. 277.)

SUPPLY—considered in Committee—CIVIL SERVICE ESTIMATES—Class III.

Resolutions [May 15] reported.

WAYS AND MEANS—Resolutions [May 15] reported.

PUBLIC BILLS—Ordered—Consolidated Fund (£17,000,000) *; Railways (Ireland) Acts Amendment *; Local Government Supplemental (No. 2)*; Local Government Supplemental (No. 3).*

First Reading—Local Government Supplemental (No. 2)* [120]; Local Government Supplemental (No. 3)* [121]; Unclaimed Prize Money (India)* [122]; (£17,000,000) Consolidated Fund*; Railways (Ireland) Acts Amendment * [123].

Committee—Representation of the People (Scotland) [29]—R.P.; Registration of Writs (Scotland) * [62]; Divorce and Matrimonial Causes Court* [50]; City of London Gas (re-comm.) * [115]—R.P.

Report—Registration of Writs (Scotland) * [62]; Divorce and Matrimonial Causes Court* [50–19].

Third Reading—Jurors' Affirmations (Scotland* [110]; Stockbrokers (Ireland)* [104], and passed.