HC Deb 15 May 1868 vol 192 c341

I wish, Sir, to take the earliest opportunity of making a personal explanation which is due to the House, due to the right hon. Gentleman the Member for South Lancashire (Mr. Gladstone), and, I think, even due to myself. I stated last night that, if I got time, I would attempt to prove that a quotation I gave, purporting to be from a speech of the right hon. Gentleman, was correct, I now honestly own that I have failed to do so; but still I am confident that the right hon. Gentleman, and many of the hon. Gentlemen opposite, will believe that I had not the slightest intention of misrepresenting the right hon. Gentleman. The fact is that a printed extract was put into my hand; and from the quarter it came from, I felt sure it was genuine. I unfortunately made use of it, not having had time to consult Hansard, or the right hon. Gentleman's book. I deeply regret having done so. I was misled, and I hasten to tender my apologies to the right hon. Gentleman and the House.


Sir, I may, perhaps, be permitted to say that at no period, either last evening or any other time, did it enter into my mind for a moment that the hon. and gallant Gentleman had the slightest idea of doing anything unfair, far less of palming off on the House a fictitious quotation.

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