HC Deb 14 May 1868 vol 192 c287

said, he wished to ask a Question of the Vice President of the Board of Trade, or the noble Lord the Secretary for Ireland, in regard to this Bill. The Bill was very much objected to in Ireland, because it would leave the oyster fisheries on the Arklow coast, beyond three miles from the shore, exposed to the incursions and depredations of French and other fishermen during close time. Something ought to be done; and he wished to know what was proposed to alleviate the grievance, which was felt very strongly, upon this subject? He hoped he should receive a satisfactory answer.


said, the subject had occasioned very considerable discussion in the course of the evening in the other House of Parliament, where the Bill was in Committee. The result had been that the Chairman reported Progress, and the Department of the Government responsible for the conduct of the Bill having had their attention called to the subject, he would state their determination on a future occasion.

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