HC Deb 11 May 1868 vol 192 cc18-9

said, he would beg to ask the First Lord of the Treasury, When the Scotch Reform Bill will come on; and whether it will be the first Order of the Day?


said, this Bill was down as the second Order for Thursday, but as he must ask the House to go into Committee on the Boundary Bill on that day, and as it seemed to be the wish of the Scotch Members that the Scotch Reform Bill should stand as the first Order on the day it was proposed to take it, he must fix some other day for it.


said, it would be well if the right hon. Gentleman were to state when he really intended to bring on the Scotch Reform Bill. As it was more than two months since the Bill had been read a second time, he hoped the right hon. Gentleman would see the importance—indeed, the propriety—of fixing without further delay a day for the Committee.


I beg, Sir, in answer to the right hon. and learned Gentleman, to say that I think he must allow me to judge myself of the propriety of my conduct in endeavouring to bring about, as I wish anxiously to do, the earliest possible dissolution of this House. With a view to that result I am as desirous as he can be that the Scotch Reform Bill should be discussed in Committee without any unnecessary delay; but I must take everything into consideration when arranging the course of Business, and I do not think I am open to the charge of having been guilty of any neglect in respect of this Bill. Propositions which interfered with the Government Business were brought forward by other persons, but I could not prevent that, It is of great importance that the Boundary Bill should be proceeded with on Thursday, and, therefore, the Scotch Reform Bill cannot be placed first on that day. I believe it would not be satisfactory to have it put down as the second Order on the day when it is intended to discuss it, but I will give it the first evening I can after Thursday.

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