HC Deb 08 May 1868 vol 191 cc2004-5

said, the Committee on the Scotch Reform Bill had been fixed for Monday; but he understood that the right hon. Gentleman opposite (Mr. Disraeli) had arranged that the Navy Estimates should be taken first on Monday; and the Scotch Reform Bill afterwards. Now, as he understood, the Motion of his hon. Friend the Member for Liverpool (Mr. Horsfall)—a Motion relating to the restrictions upon the importation of foreign cattle —which has been delayed many times, and in which great interest is felt—will be taken before Supply, and he did not think they could reckon on getting through that discussion in less than two hours. Then he felt that the Navy Estimates would carry the right hon. Gentleman far through the night. Now, he should be glad if, for the convenience of the House, they could understand what arrangement the right hon. Gentleman proposed?


said, he was aware of the circumstances to which the right hon. Gentleman had called attention, and he had been consulting with one of his right hon. Friends on the subject at the moment when the right hon. Gentleman ruse. He did not think it would be satisfactory either that the House should be in any doubt about the time at which the Scotch Reform Bill would come on or that the Bill should be brought forward at a late hour. He thought, therefore, it was better to have it understood that the Bill would not be taken on Monday. The Boundary Bill was the first Order for Thursday night. He would put the Scotch Reform Bill down as the second; and if it could not be brought on that night it might be fixed for another day.


said, that his conviction was that the discussion on the Boundary Bill would occupy so much time as to throw the Scotch Reform Bill over. He therefore hoped that the right hon. Gentleman would fix the Scotch Reform Bill as the first Order. So important a Bill should not be placed second.


suggested that they had better confine themselves at present to arranging that the Bill was not to come on next Monday. On Monday they could make further arrangements.