HC Deb 30 March 1868 vol 191 c466

SELECT COMMITTEE—On Scientific Instruction, Mr. William Lowther added.

PUBLIC BILLS—Resolutions reported—Election Petitions and Corrupt Practices at Elections [Salaries, &c.]; Land Writs Registration (Scotland) [Salaries, &c.]; Industrial Schools (Ireland) [Expenses].

Ordered—Marriages (Frampton Mansel)*; Prisons (Compensation to Officers).*

First Reading—Marriages (Frampton Mansel)* [79]; Prisons (Compensation to Officers)* [80].

Second Reading—Local Government Supplemental* [77]; Reformatory Schools (Ireland)* [65].

Committee—Perth and Brechin Provisional Orders Confirmation * [74]; Marine Mutiny.

Report—Perth and Brechin Provisional Orders Confirmation* [74]; Marine Mutiny.

Considered as amended—Mutiny.

Third Reading—Inclosure* [73].

Withdrawn—Local Officers Superannuation (Ireland)* [17].