HC Deb 26 March 1868 vol 191 cc264-5

asked leave to make a brief personal explanation, and to do justice to a gentleman to whom he had unintentionally done injustice. In the discussion which took place the other night on the Motion of the hon. Member for Cork (Mr. Maguire), he (Mr. Gregory) al- luded to the language used by some clergymen at the different Church defence meetings held in Ireland, and, amongst others, referred to the language used by the Rev. Mr. Wilson, at Limerick, whom he incorrectly described as Moderator of the Presbyterian Assembly of Ulster. He was informed, and, at the time, he unquestionably believed it to be true, that the Mr. Wilson who made the speech was the Moderator of the General Assembly of Ulster. He now found he was in error, and as the statement had given that rev. gentleman very great pain, he took that opportunity of correcting the mistake.

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