HC Deb 24 March 1868 vol 191 c147

said, he would beg to ask the Secretary of Stale for India, Whether the opinions of any Members of the Council of India on the subject of the Government connection with the Bank of Bombay have been placed on record, as provided for in the twenty-third section of "The Government of India Act;" and, if so, whether he will lay such opinions upon the Table of the House, with any other explanatory Papers which may have been addressed to him on the same subject, and in addition to the Correspondence that has been already furnished to the House?


replied, that there was only one Minute of a Member of the Council of India that had been recorded under the provisions of the twenty-third section of the Act. There were several other memoranda and papers of a more or less formal character; but inasmuch as the Minute referred to the personal character of individuals and matters that were about to form the subject of an official inquiry, he considered it would not be convenient or proper to produce it.