HC Deb 19 March 1868 vol 190 c1954

Select Committee appointed, "to inquire into the state of our Treaty relations with Foreign Governments regarding Extradition, with a view to the adoption of a more permanent and uniform, policy on the subject."—(Mr. M'Cullagh Torrens.)

And, on March 27, Committee nominated as follows:—Mr. M'CULLAGH TORRENS, Mr. BOUVERIE, Mr. WALPOLE, Mr. WILLIAM EDWARD FORSTER, Mr. SOLICITOR GENERAL, Sir FRANCIS GOLDSMID, Mr. GORST, Mr. MILL, Mr. PERCY WYNDHAM, Mr. LAYARD, Mr. EDWARD EGERTON, Mr. NEATE, Mr. THOMAS BARING, Sir ROBERT COLLIER, Mr. GRAVES, Mr. BAXTER, and Mr. SCHREIBER:—Power to send for persons, papers, and records; Five to be the quorum.

House adjourned at a quarter before Twelve o'clock.