HC Deb 12 March 1868 vol 190 cc1452-3

said, he wished also to ask the Chief Secretary for Ireland, If he will order to be prepared as far as possible, together with the Agricultural Statistics of Ireland, a Return of the number and terms of years of Leases in Ireland, distinguishing Agricultural from Building Leases, and arranging the Agricultural Leases under the same heads as Agricultural Holdings?


This is a Question, Sir, which relates to a matter of considerable importance—that is, whether accurate information can be obtained in Ire- land as to the quantity of land which is held under lease in that country. My attention was called to this matter by a resolution passed last October at a meeting of the Cork Farmers' Club, to the effect that it would be very desirable some information should be obtained on the subject. I have made several communications to the Registrar General and other persons, and I find that there will be very great difficulty in procuring the information asked for. I am afraid that the machinery by which agricultural statistics in Ireland are obtained would not be available, and I can easily understand that individual tenants would have an objection to state to official persons the precise tenure by which they hold their land. I will, however, make further inquiries, and if the information can be obtained without interfering with existing machinery, or endangering the collection of agricultural statistics, it shall be furnished.