HC Deb 05 March 1868 vol 190 c1109

NEW MEMBER SWORN—The Marquess of Lorne, for Argyleshire.

PUBLIC BILLS—Ordered—Fairs (Ireland); Metropolis Gas.*

First Reading—Fairs (Ireland) [48]; Metropolis Gas* [49].

Second Reading—Capital Punishment within Prisons [36]; Election Petitions and Corrupt Practices at Elections [27]; Sea Fisheries* [42]; London Coal and Wine Duties Continuance [43]; Judgments Extension* [34]; Sale of Liquors on Sunday (Ireland) [31].

Committee—Public Schools* [24]; Railways (Extension of Time)* [39].

Report—Public Schools* [24–47]; Railways (Extension of Time)* [39].

Withdrawn—Railway and Gas Shares* [23].