HC Deb 09 June 1868 vol 192 c1351

, in moving for leave to bring in a Bill to amend the "Act for Preventing the Adulteration of Articles of Food or Drink, 1860," and to extend its provisions to Drugs, said, that the existing Act had entirely failed to carry out the wise intentions of Parliament, and the main reason was, that individuals were averse to prosecute tradesmen. The object of the present Bill was to make provision that the penalty which was already imposed upon those who knowingly sold adulterated articles, should be extended to the manufacturers of the adulterated articles; to render it compulsory upon districts to appoint analysts; and to apply the provisions of the law to drugs as well as to articles of food. But the most important clause was one to appoint some public officer whose duty it would be, on proper information laid before him, to prosecute persons suspected of making or selling adulterated articles. He believed that these provisions would make the law effective.

Motion agreed to.

Bill to amend the "Act for preventing the Adulteration of articles of Food or Drink, 1860," and to extend its provisions to Drugs, ordered to be brought in by Mr. DIXON, Sir JOSEPH M'KENNA, and Mr. GOLDNEY.

House adjourned at a quarter after Eight o'clock.