HC Deb 23 July 1868 vol 193 c1673

said, he would beg to ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department as to the case of James Austin, Whether he has seen a letter in The Times, containing a distinct denial on the part of the accused of the statements made by the Superintendent of Police; and whether the statements in that letter are correct or not?


said, in reply, that he had received a communication from the clerk to the magistrates who committed James Austin, to prison for applying at the tramp ward of the workhouse when he had money in his possession as described in the newspapers. It seems that he gave two names, that he was smoking in the ward, and denied that he had tobacco about him; that he had wrapped up his money in some rags in order to conceal it, and that all the circumstances tended to show that he was committing a, fraud on the workhouse authorities.