HC Deb 09 July 1868 vol 193 c911

said, that about ten days ago he asked the Secretary of State for War whether the Government intend to institute any inquiry as to the rumours of insubordination of Volunteers after the Windsor Review, and with the view of taking steps after that inquiry, he wished now to ask, Whether that inquiry has taken place, and whether the Government intend to take any action with regard to the result of it?


said, in answer to his noble Friend, he had to state that since he answered the Question on a former occasion he had had communication with General Lindsay on the subject, and the result had been he agreed with him that in regard to the conduct of one Regiment a Court of Inquiry should be held. With regard to another, the conduct of the commanding Officer required explanation; and in two instances it had been found necessary to write to the Lords Lieutenant of counties. That was the present state of his information; and, until further information was received, it would be impossible to state what action the Government would take in the matter.