HC Deb 18 February 1868 vol 190 c890

said, he would beg to ask the Secretary of State for India, Whether it is the intention of the Government (with the view of promoting the fulfilment of the hope expressed in the concluding portion of his speech of the 2nd of August last) to bring under the consideration of the House the question of what will be the best means to adopt for more speedily carrying out irrigation works throughout India, so as to avoid the recurrence of periodical famines and inundations, and so as best to develope the internal resources and external trade of the country?


said, in reply, that he was not quite sure that he understood the purport of the Question of the hon. Member. It was not in contemplation to bring before Parliament any proposal on the subject; but he should be very glad to state to the House what course had been taken in India for the energetic prosecution of the work of irrigation. A great deal had been done this year. The director of irrigation works had been engaged carefully revising the projects sent up from the several provinces; and the Government had sent out an additional number of engineers. The Government had made an offer, or requested him to make an offer, to private irrigation companies to purchase their works; and the letter in which that proposal was made so fully stated the views of the Indian Government as to the mode in which irrigation works should be carried on to work well that he intended to lay it on the table, and he should therefore move for its production at once.