HC Deb 02 April 1868 vol 191 cc708-9

said, he wished to put to the right hon. Gentleman the Member for South Lancashire a Question, which he had reason to believe would be answered satisfactorily by him—that was to say, in the sense in which he was understood to have spoken when introducing his Resolutions. His reason for putting it was that it related to a matter in which the public took very considerable interest. The Question which he wished to put to the right hon. Gentleman was this, Whether, in the event of the Resolutions moved by him being carried, he would include in any Bill which might be introduced by himself, in pursuance of those Resolutions, provisions for the repeal of the Maynooth Grant; or whether, in the event of Bills to carry out those Resolutions emanating from other quarters, he would himself propose or support proposals by others, having for their object the withdrawal of the Maynooth Grant and of all other endowments in Ireland?


I think, Sir, if I might ask the indulgence of my hon. Friend, it perhaps would be more convenient and more in accordance with the usage of debate if I were to offer in any remarks I may have to make on the Amendment of the noble Lord to-morrow night what would substantially serve as a reply to him. I would only say, as I know he is quite right in his statement that a great interest is felt on the subject—that I thought I had in my opening speech answered what I take to be the most important part of the hon. Member's Question, by saying that in my opinion—for I can say no more than that it was my opinion—any plan such as I had been endeavouring to lay the basis and foundation of must include provisions, whether immediate or not, for the entire relief of the Consolidated Fund from all charges, either for the Maynooth Grant or any other purposes of religion in Ireland.