HC Deb 20 May 1867 vol 187 c776

said, he wished to ask the Vice President of the Committee of Council on Education, Whether he will lay upon the table of the House the Memorandum addressed in 1867 by the Registrar General of England and Wales to the Lords of the Privy Council, on the registration of successful cases of Vaccination?


, in reply, said, he should be very happy to show the Memorandum to the hon. and gallant Member at the office at any time which he might appoint. But it was not customary to print the remarks of one Department of the Government on the measures of another Department. Many inconveniences would arise if such a practice; were to become common. One of them would be that any person who desired to print a pamphlet at the public expense would only have to send it in the form of a Memorandum to the head of a Department, and then get some Member to move for it in Parliament.