HC Deb 10 May 1867 vol 187 cc370-1

said, he would beg to ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, Whether, as the public have been permitted to drive into Hyde Park in cabs and other public vehicles plying for hire, he saw any objection to permitting Members of Parliament, when proceeding to the discharge of their public duties, to drive over Constitution Hill to the House of Commons?


This Question, Sir, is founded on the erroneous statement that cabs may ply for hire in Hyde Park. No such permission has ever been granted, though I may state, parenthetically, I believe that on Monday last some messengers did go in cabs to Sir Richard Mayne when he was in the Park; but, with that exception, cabs have not been permitted to go into the Park. As the question rests on that erroneous allegation, I hope the hon. Member will see that there is no ground for making any alteration in the regulations now existing.


said, he would beg to give notice that it was his intention to call the attention of the House to the subject on the earliest convenient opportunity.


I wish, Sir, to put a question on this subject; but I do not know whether I have any right to ask the question of the right hon. Gentleman (Mr. Walpole), though perhaps he will explain his position to the House. I wish to know whether it is the intention of the Government to go on with the Royal Parks Bill, after the discussion which took place last night in "another place," and after the expression of opinion in this House. I thought, perhaps, the Government might not think it necessary to proceed further with it.


We shall always give due notice of any business we intend to bring forward. The Bill does not stand upon the paper for to-night, nor is it probable that any progress can be made with it on Monday.