HC Deb 07 May 1867 vol 187 cc90-1

said, he would beg to ask Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Whether it would not be the effect of the 3rd Clause of the Bill for amending the Representation of the People to enable any number of joint occupiers who may be rated and pay the rates in respect of any one house in a Borough to be registered as electors; and whether this operation of the Clause is in accordance with the intention of the Government?


It is not, Sir, the intention of the Bill for the Amendment of the Representation of the People that any number of joint occupiers, as stated by the hon. Baronet, should be placed upon the register of electors. I think also that that will not be the effect of the Bill. Of course, if the hon. Baronet thinks otherwise, it will be quite open to him, if he feels it to be his duty, to bring the matter before the Committee when we may go into details upon the question which it would be inconvenient at this moment to do. Of course, we should be very happy if the hon. Baronet would bring forward a proposition to remedy a result which certainly was not intended. There is no habitation franchise in the Bill; it is a residential franchise, and it is intended to give the franchise to every resident ratepaying master of a house; and therefore I do not think myself, and I am so advised, that the consequences contemplated by the hon. Baronet could accrue.