HC Deb 06 May 1867 vol 187 cc67-8

Considered in Committee.

(In the Committee.)


said, he had to move a Resolution authorizing the Treasury to compound the harbour debt of £29,000 for £10,000, which was to be converted into a terminable annuity. The course proposed to be taken was similar to that assented to by the late Government in the case of Limerick Harbour. In 1831 a sum of money was advanced for the improvement of Galway Harbour, and the interest of 5 per cent was regularly paid up to 1842; but in consequence of the failure of the Harbour Board to meet its engagements, the Board of Works in Ireland had been for some time acting as mortgagees in possession. If the House agreed to the Resolution a Bill would be brought in which would disclose the arrangement in greater detail.


said, he supported the proposal. He, however, hoped these cases would act as a warning to Governments how they sanctioned the application in future of Government money to purposes of local improvement, which were found, after the money had been spent, to be unremunerative in their character. He hoped the Bill would be referred to a Committee upstairs.


said, he must remind his hon. Friend, who had spoken as if these cases were peculiar to Ireland, that in other parts of the United Kingdom, and conspicuously at Leith, similar arrangements had been made.


said, he trusted the Government would insure that, in the exercise of any liberality to Ireland, favours should be so dispensed that they do not increase present grievances and create new ones.


said, he found from the Journals of the House that liberality had been exercised towards England and Scotland far in excess of anything which had been done for Ireland. He should speak upon the subject of Galway on a future stage of the Bill.

Resolved, That it is expedient to authorise the Commissioners of Her Majesty's Treasury to compound the Public Debt and Interest due by the Galway Harbour Commissioners, and to make arrangements for the payment of the amount for which such Debt is to be compounded.

House resumed.

Resolution to be reported To-morrow.