HC Deb 28 March 1867 vol 186 c731

said, he wished to ask the Vice President of the Council, Whether it is true that a disease has recently appeared amongst Cattle in Cornwall; and, if so, if he will inform the House what is the nature of the disease?


replied, that a disease did break out among cattle in Cornwall, and Professor Simonds was sent down to the spot. That gentleman stated that on his arrival there he found that the disease first appeared on the 8th instant, and between that time and the 8th instant eighteen cattle were attacked in a herd of forty-six. In the course of nine days twelve of the cattle died. The Professor caused a post-mortem examination to be made, and after noting its result he continued— The disease has been entirely confined to this herd, and no fresh cases have occurred since my visit. The cessation of the malady, and its limitation to eighteen out of forty-six animals, are sufficient evidence that it is not of an infectious nature. A microscopic examination of some parts has been made by Professor Browne, and did not lead to the detection of the presence of parasitic bodies, either vegetable or animal.