HC Deb 15 March 1867 vol 185 cc1991-5

That a sum, not exceeding £1,924,000, be granted to Her Majesty, on account, for or towards defraying the Charge of the following Civil Services, to the 31st day of March, 1868:—

Class I.
Royal Palaces £6,000
Public Buildings 25,000
Furniture of Public Offices 3,000
Royal Parks and Pleasure Gardens. 25,000
New Houses of Parliament 10,000
New Foreign Office 13,000
Public Offices, Site (Re-Vote) 15,000
Probate Court and Registries (Re-Vote) 8,000
Public Record Repository (Re-Vote) 3,000
University of London Buildings £5,000
Chapter House, Westminster 3,000
Sheriff Court Houses, Scotland 5,000
Rates for Government Property 7,000
British Consulate and Embassy Houses, Constantinople 1,000
Metropolitan Fire Brigade 3,000
Harbours of Refuge 20,000
Holyhead and Portpatrick Harbours, &c. 8,000
Public Buildings, Ireland 19,000
Ulster Canal 2,000
Lighthouses Abroad 5,000
Class II.
Two Houses of Parliament, Offices 18,000
Treasury 14,000
Home Office 7,000
Foreign Office 16,000
Colonial Office 9,000
Privy Council Office 7,000
Board of Trade, &c. 9,000
Privy Seal Office 1,000
Civil Service Commission 3,000
Paymaster General's Office 6,000
Exchequer and Audit Department 10,000
Office of Works and Public Buildings 9,000
Office of Woods, Forests, and Land Revenues 7,000
Public Record Office 6,000
Poor Law Commissions 25,000
Mint, including Coinage 12,000
Inspectors of Factories, Fisheries, &c. 10,000
Exchequer and other Offices in Scotland 2,000
Household of Lord Lieutenant, Ireland 2,000
Chief Secretary, Ireland, Offices 4,000
Office of Public Works, Ireland 7,000
Copyhold, Tithe, and Inclosure Commission 6,000
Inclosure and Drainage Acts; Imprest Expenses 3,000
General Register Office, England, Ireland, and Scotland 17,000
National Debt Office 4,000
Public Works Loan Commission and West India Relief Commission 1,000
Lunacy Commissions and Inspection, &c., of Lunatic Asylums 4,000
Superintendent of Roads, South Wales 1,000
Registrars of Friendly Societies 1,000
Charity Commission 5,000
Local Government Act Office, and Inspection of Burial Grounds 2,000
Landed Estates Record Offices 1,000
Quarantine Expenses 1,000
Secret Service 8,000
Printing and Stationery 90,000
Postage of Public Departments 38,000
Class III.
Law Charges, England 9,000
Criminal Prosecutions, &c. 48,000
Police, Counties and Boroughs, Great Britain 66,000
Admiralty Court Registry 4,000
Late Insolvent Debtors' Court 1,000
Probate Court 22,000
County Courts 37,000
Land Registry Office 2,000
Police Courts, Metropolis 6,000
Metropolitan Police 41,000
Bankruptcy Court Compensations 4,000
Common Law Courts, including Crown Office, Queen's Bench £13,000
Criminal Proceedings 18,000
Courts of Law and Justice, including Accountant in Bankruptcy, and 12,000
Exchequer, Scotland, Legal Branch
Register House, Edinburgh, Salaries and Expenses of Sundry Departments 5,000
Law Charges and Criminal Prosecutions 12,000
Court of Chancery 2,000
Court of Queen's Bench, Common Pleas, and Exchequer 4,000
Officers of the Judges on Circuit 2,000
Manor Courts' Compensation 1,000
Registry of Judgments 1,000
Registry of Deeds 4,000
Court of Bankruptcy and Insolvency 2,000
Court of Probate 3,000
Landed Estate Court 3,000
Process Servers, Civil Bill Courts 3,000
Dublin Metropolitan Police and Police Justices 13,000
Constabulary of Ireland 208,000
Four Courts Marshalsea Prison 1,000
Inspection and General Superintendence 5,000
Prisons and Convict Establishments at Home 83,000
Maintenance of Prisoners in County Gaols, &c. and Removal of Convicts 72,000
Transportation of Convicts 6,000
Convict Establishment in the Colonies 38,000
Class IV.
Public Education, Great Britain 174,000
Science and Art Department 44,000
Public Education, Ireland 85,000
University of London 3,000
Universities, &c. in Scotland 5,000
Queen's University in Ireland 1,000
Queen's Colleges, Ireland 2,000
Belfast Theological Professors, &c. 1,000
British Museum 25,000
National Gallery 4,000
Scientific Works and Experiments 2,000
Board of Manufactures, Scotland 1,000
Class V.
Bermundas 1,000
Clergy, North America 1,000
Governors and others, West Indies, &c. 6,000
Justices, West Indies 2,000
Western Coast 5,000
St. Helena 2,000
Falkland Islands 2,000
Labuan 1,000
Emigration 3,000
Treasury Chest 1,000
Captured Negroes, Bounties on Slaves, &c. 8,000
Commissions for Suppression of Slave Trade 3,000
Consuls Abroad 42,000
Services in China, Japan, and Siam 32,000
Ministers at Foreign Courts, Extraordinary Expenses 9,000
Special Missions, Outfits, &c. 9,000
Third Secretaries to Embassies 1,000
Class VI.
Superannuation and Retired Allowances £47,000
Polish Refugees and Distressed Spaniards 1,000
Merchant Seamen's Fund Pensions, &c 14,000
Relief of British Distressed Seamen 8,000
Miscellaneous Charges, formerly on Civil List 1,000
Public Infirmaries, Ireland 1,000
Hospitals in Dublin and Board of Superintendence 4,000
Concordatum Fund, and other Charities and Allowances, Ireland 3,000
Non-Conforming and other Ministers, Ireland 11,000
Class VII.
Temporary Commissions 8,000
Patent Law Expenses 8,000
Fishery Board, Scotland 4,000
Local Dues on Shipping under Treaties of Reciprocity 14,000
Inspectors of Corn Returns 1,000
Household of the late King of the Belgians 1,000
Miscellaneous Expenses from Civil Contingencies 20,000
Total £1,924,000


said, he should like to know what course the Government proposed to take with regard to the Estimates. Supposing they took money sufficient to last for four months, they might not go into Supply again until that time. He wished to know whether the Secretary for War would bring on the Votes again within any reasonable time, for some opportunities of discussion ought to be afforded.


said, he might appease the alarm of his hon. Friend by informing him that it was intended to proceed with the Army Estimates on Monday, if there should be sufficient time after the introduction of the Reform Bill.


thought that would be a most inconvenient time.

Vote agreed to.

House resumed.

Resolutions to be reported upon Monday next; Committee to sit again upon Monday next.