HC Deb 14 March 1867 vol 185 c1801

said, he wished to ask the Secretary to the Treasury, Whether his attention has been called to the very incomplete state in which the British portion of the Paris Exhibition is now placed; and, whether he intends to have it completed in a manner worthy of the commercial dignity and importance of this Country?


said, he wished at the same time to know whether there is any reasonable expectation that the sum of £116,000, already voted, will be exceeded, and to what amount?


Sir, the question of the hon. Member for Halifax seems to imply that the Secretary to the Treasury has the direction of the works at the Paris Exhibition. I am happy to be able to state that that is not the case. I will, however, read a statement which has been made to the Government by the executive British Commissioner— The present incomplete state of the British portion of the Exhibition is necessarily so, because the work is not yet done, but is only in progress. At present the Exhibition is like a house which is not furnished, but it will be completed and properly decorated within the sum provided by the estimate, and on the 1st of April. That, I apprehend, is an answer to the hon. Member for Stoke (Mr. Beresford Hope). Since that Report was sent to the Privy Council I have also received a Report from the person in charge in Paris, who says— The English Exhibition is more advanced than that of any other nation, and it will be ready for opening on the 1st of April. The arrangement for the Exhibition of the objects is generally thought to be one that will give better opportunities of displaying them than the system adopted by any other country.


By whom is that signed?


By Richard Thompson.