HC Deb 24 June 1867 vol 188 cc486-8

Motion made, and Question proposed, That Mr. MacEvoy be one of the Members of the Select Committee on the Ecclesiastical Titles and Roman Catholic Relief Acts.


, after entering upon a discussion of the relations between the Papacy and the empire of Russia, said, he wished to know the opinion of the Government as to the necessity of appointing this Committee. The Act was one which required a whole Session to pass, and now they were asked to refer it to a Select Committee at half past one o'clock in the morning. The Motion for a Committee was adopted in an empty House. He had looked through the names of the Committee, and, to the best of his belief, there was a dead majority in favour of the repeal of the Ecclesiastical Titles Act. He begged to move that the debate be now adjourned.


said, that he must beg leave to doubt the accuracy of the hon. Member's statement of the Russian case; but as the Committee was one to inquire into such a subject, and would have no power to repeal the Ecclesiastical Titles Act, he hoped the hon. Member would not obstruct the business of the House by persevering in his Motion for the adjournment of the debate. He would state that there were only two Roman Catholics on the list of Members.


said, that as the Act undoubtedly extended to Scotland, it would be only fair that a Scotch Member should be appointed on the Committee. He also thought the question should be dealt with on the responsibility of the Government.


complained of the concessions which were constantly being made to Roman Catholics, the result of which, he predicted, would be that Roman Catholic bishops in Ireland would be allowed to take precedence of the Protestant prelates.


admitted that the composition of the Committee had been improved, and had himself on that account consented to serve on it; but he thought a further improvement might be made.


said, he entirely concurred with the views stated by his right hon. and learned friend the Member for Edinburgh, having the greatest objection to any Committee on this subject which was not presided over by a Member of the Government, and in which there was not included a single Scotch Member.


suggested that the Committee should consist of seventeen Members, and that Sir George Bowyer and a Scotch Member should be added.


trusted the House would proceed to the appointment of the Committee at once, as it had already been postponed several times.

Motion made, and Question put, "That the Debate be now adjourned."—(Mr. Newdegate.)

The House divided:—Ayes 17; Noes 25: Majority 8.

Question, "That Mr. MacEvoy be one of the Members of the Select Committee on the Ecclesiastical Titles and Roman Catholic Relief Acts," put, and agreed to.

Mr. WALPOLE, Mr. GREGORY, Mr. HOWES, Mr. COLERIDGE, Mr. ATTORNEY GENERAL for IRELAND, nominated other Members of the said Committee.

Motion made, and Question proposed, "That Mr. M'Kenna be one other Member of the said Committee."

Notice taken, that 40 Members were not present; House counted, and 40 Members not being present,

House adjourned at a quarter after Two o'clock.