HC Deb 13 June 1867 vol 187 c1859

Resolution reported; That it is expedient to provide that the following salaries and expenses should, without prejudice to the rights of persons now holding offices for life or during good behaviour under Act of Parliament, cease to be charged on the Consolidated Fund, viz:—The Salaries and expenses of the Lunacy Commissioners (England); the salaries of Inspectors of Anatomy; the salaries of the Board of Bequests (Ireland); the salaries of the Secretaries of Presentations and of Commissions to the Lord Chancellor (England); the salaries formerly charged on the Hereditary Revenues of Scotland; the salaries formerly charged on the Civil List (Ireland); the salary of the Keeper of the Tennis Court; the salary of the Preacher of the Rolls Chapel (until the demise of the Crown); the expenses of the Valuation of Rateable Property (Ireland).

Resolution agreed to:—Bill ordered to be brought in by Mr. DODSON and Mr. CHILDERS.