HC Deb 25 July 1867 vol 189 cc84-5

asked the hon. and learned Member for Richmond, Whether, considering the lateness of the Session, and that opposition might be anticipated to this Bill, it was his intention to persevere with it?


said, that having undertaken the charge of this Bill, he should be extremely unwilling not to proceed with it this Session unless he found it absolutely impossible to do so. For his own part, if any or all of the Amendments of which notice had been given were carried, he should be disposed readily to acquiesce in the decision of the House, and proceed with the Bill. He could not undertake to withdraw the Bill. He desired to put a Question to the Chancellor of the Exchequer on another subject. He had given notice of his intention to move an Address to Her Majesty, praying for inquiry into several subjects connected with the administration of justice, in order to see whether, by the means mentioned in that notice, or by other means, the better administration of justice might be promoted. He should be glad to hear whether or not it would be consistent with the right hon. Gentleman's views that Her Majesty should be advised to issue a Commission in the sense of his Notice of Motion? If the right hon. Gentleman were not able to give an affirmative answer to that question, he (Sir Roundell Palmer) would be compelled to bring forward his Motion.


replied, that he would give the subject his attention, and return an answer on a future evening to the hon. and learned Gentleman.