HC Deb 24 July 1867 vol 189 c1

NEW MEMBER SWORN—Henry Mather Jackson, esquire, for Coventry.

SELECT COMMITTEE—On Oxford and Cambridge Universities Education, Mr. Solicitor General added.

PUBLIC BILLS — OrderedRailway Companies Relief*; Bank Post Bills (Ireland)*; Indemnity.*

First Reading—Merchant Shipping* [274]; Consecration of Churches and Churchyards* [276]; Prorogation of Parliament* [277]; Patriotic Fund* [278]; Railway Companies Relief* [279]; Indemnity* [280]; Bank Post Bills (Ireland)* [281].

Second Reading—Public Works (Ireland)* [262]; Weights and Measures (Dublin)* [263]; Dublin Metropolitan Police* [246].

Committee—Justices of the Peace Disqualification Removal* [245]; Sunday Trading* [34] [R.P.]

Report—Justices of the Peace Disqualification Removal* [245].

Considered as amended—Galashiels Jurisdiction* [234]; Morro Velho Marriages* [265].

Third Reading—Church Rates Abolition* [13]; Dundee Provisional Orders Confirmation* [257]; Wexford Grand Jury* [264].

Withdrawn—Church Rates Regulation* [42]; Associations of Workmen* [21]; Land Contracts (Ireland)* [32]; Mines, &c. Assessment* (re-comm.) [174].