HC Deb 15 July 1867 vol 188 cc1521-3

wished to know, What night it was intended to take the Factories Education Bill; or whether a Morning Sitting would be fixed for its discussion?


said, it may be convenient for the House to know something generally of the course of public business. Of course, it is our desire to combine if possible the convenience of Members on both sides of the House with its due progress; but it is very difficult this week to state definitely what is the best course to follow, and I would rather ask the advice of the House on the subject. I will offer my suggestions as to the best course to be taken, and to-morrow hon. Members may be ready to give their opinions on the subject. To-morrow I do not propose any Morning Sitting; but whatever may occur to-night, whether the debate be adjourned or not, we shall meet at four o'clock to-morrow and the Sitting will, of course, be appropriated to the Motions of hon. Members. From what I hear, it might be convenient for the House to adjourn over Wednesday. I believe there will be no great difficulty on that head; but I have great difficulty about Thursday and Friday, and I will suggest to the House what I think on the whole will be most convenient to Members, and, at the same time, not arrest the progress of business. I can understand and entirely appreciate the desire on the part of hon. Members to be present at those festivities which are to be given in honour of His Imperial Majesty the Sultan, a desire—I would say an unaffected desire—to evince their respect to that Sovereign. But we must remember it is very late in the Session, and that we have yet a great deal of business to do; and what I would propose is this, that on Thursday and Friday we should have a Morning Sitting at the old hours from twelve to six, when the House should adjourn. In that case, if the House should approve this suggestion, I should propose on Thursday to take Supply. On Friday, Supply will, of course, be on the Paper, and hon. Gentlemen who have Notices will have the opportunity of bringing them on. On Monday I propose to move the second reading of the Scotch Reform Bill, and on the following Tuesday I should propose a Morning Sitting at twelve o'clock, when the hon. Member for Galway will have the opportunity of bringing forward the Tornado Question. That case would probably not occupy the whole morning, and after that I would propose to take the Artizans' Dwellings Bill. Of course, the House will also sit in the evening. When this week is over it will be more convenient to say what arrangements can be made as to the further course of public business.


I beg to ask the right hon. Gentleman, Whether he could upon an early day give information to the House as to those Bills which it is the intention of the Government to proceed with; because there is a much larger number of Bills of importance than it is possible to get through? It would be a very great advantage to Members and to parties interested if that information were to be given.


said, he would rather postpone answering the Question until Monday next, when he would be prepared to answer with regard to all the Bills now before the House.


said, he wished to ask, What Votes in Supply the Government proposed to take on Thursday next?


said, that in consequence of the promise made on Friday evening the Government proposed to put the Vote for the Regium Donum first for Thursday, after which Classes 1, 4, and 5, would be taken.


said, he wished to know, Whether those Votes would include the Packet Service?


said, they would not.


said, he wished to know, Whether it was the intention of the Government to proceed with those Bills relating to the appointment of the Judges of the Probate and Admiralty Court, and, if so, when it was proposed they should be taken?


said, that it was the intention of the Government to proceed with those Bills; but when they would be taken it was impossible for him to say until after the present week.


said, he wished to know, Whether it was the intention of the right hon. Gentleman to proceed with the Army and Militia Reserve Bills that night?


said, that he did not intend to proceed with the Bills that night, but he hoped to bring them on on Monday next.