HC Deb 09 July 1867 vol 188 c1262

SUPPLY—considered in Committee,Resolutions [July 1] reported.

PUBLIC BILLS—Resolution in CommitteeCarriers Act Amendment.

Ordered—Customs Revenue*; Inland Revenue*; Carriers Act Amendment*; District Lunatic Asylums Officers (Ireland)*; Local Government Supplemental (No. 6).*

First Reading—Customs Revenue* [238]; Inland Revenue* [239]; District Prothonotaries, Court of Common Pleas, County Palatine of Lancaster* [241]; District Lunatic Asylums Officers (Ireland) [242]; Carriers Act Amendment* [243]; Local Government Supplemental (No. 6)* [244].

Special Report of Select Committee—Factory Acts Extension [430].

Committee—Representation of the People [79] [R.P.]; Dogs Regulation (Ireland) Act (1865) Amendment* [184] [R.P]; Banns of Matrimony* [141]; Master and Servant* (re-comm.) [204].

Report—Factory Acts Extension* [62 & 236]; Representation of the People [79 & 237]; Banns of Matrimony* [141]; Master and Servant* (re-comm.) [240].

The House met at Two of the clock.