HC Deb 08 July 1867 vol 188 c1185

SELECT COMMITTEE—Report—On Special and Common Juries Committee (425).

PUBLIC BILLS — Resolution in Committee—Customs and Inland Revenue Acts.

Ordered—Galashiels Jurisdiction*; Turnpike Acts Continuance*; Turnpike Trusts Arrangements.*

First Reading—Turnpike Acts Continuance* [232]; Turnpike Trusts Arrangements* [233]; Galashiels Jurisdiction* [234]; Court of Chancery (Officers)* [235].

Second ReadingTrades Union Commission Act (1867) Extension* [227]; Barrack Lane, Windsor (Right of Way)* [229].

Special Report of Select Committee—On Game Preservation (Scotland) and Game Laws (Scotland). (No. 426).

Committee—Representation of the People [79] [R.P.]; Courts of Law Officers (Ireland) (re-comm.) [248] [R.P.]; Naval Stores* [215]; Chatham and Sheerness Magistrate* [211].

Report—Game Laws (Scotland)* [231]; Game Preservation (Scotland)* [65]; Naval Stores* [215]; Chatham and Sheerness Magistrate* [211].

Considered as amended—Local Government Supplemental (No. 5)* [206].

Third Reading—Lunacy (Scotland)* [219], and passed.