HC Deb 06 December 1867 vol 190 c649

said, he wished to ask the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Whether he will undertake that the Office of Prothonotary to the Court of Common Pleas of Lancaster, which, since the death of Sir Charles Phipps, has been temporarily held by the clerk to the Duchy, shall not be permanently filled up till Parliament has had the opportunity of considering the question of the application to be made of the fees levied in favour of that office; and, whether the fees collected at present are held for public account in connection with that Court?


said, in reply, that it was not his intention to make any alteration in the arrangements come to on the death of Sir Charles Phipps with regard to the office of Prothonotary, and the funds arising from the fees remained as they were. If he were to make any change it would only be of a temporary nature, and subject to any alteration which might be thought necessary when the Commissioners should report.