HC Deb 09 April 1867 vol 186 cc1335-6

said, he wished to ask, Whether it is proposed to maintain the license to shoot in the New Forest at its present rate of £20; and, further, whether the Government are aware that the said rate has caused great dissatisfaction to those residing in and around the Forest, and who greatly assist in the preservation of game for the Crown? He also wished to know what number of licenses have been granted under the Act of last Session?


said, he had to state, in reply, that it was intended to continue the present rate at which these licenses were granted. He was aware that dissatisfaction on the ground of that rate prevailed among those residing in and around the Forest, and perhaps it was not unnatural for those who had formerly enjoyed the privilege gratuitously to complain, even though it now cost them merely a nominal consideration. At the same time, it must be remembered that this regulation was made when the Act relating to the Crown Lands was under the consideration of the House, and therefore all parties interested were fully aware of the change contemplated. With reference to assistance in the preservation of game for the Crown, he believed there was some reciprocity in the matter. He was not aware till a few minutes ago that the hon. and gallant Gentleman intended to ask any Question as to the number of licenses granted, and he therefore could not at present state the number.

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